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Laser Hair Removal in Houston, TX


The advanced laser hair removal technology we use gives us the flexibility to treat an entire large area quickly and effectively. Laser hair removal or IPL treatment times depend on the amount of area being treated and the quantity of hair. Our laser hair removal technology allows us to treat the most sensitive and delicate areas of the body. Most clients see dramatic hair reduction in as little as one to two treatments, although 4 - 6 treatments or more are necessary to achieve the IPL/laser hair removal results most of our client's desire.

All research and our own experience has shown that 4 - 6 hair removal treatments is the minimum number of laser hair removal treatments necessary. There are a small number of individuals that are able to achieve the same fantastic results in fewer treatments.

We use one of the most advanced systems available on the market in order to ensure the best laser hair removal results for our clients.

There are a large number of factors that determine the results of your laser hair removal treatments: color of the skin, hormones, age, metabolism, weight and medication. All these factors combine to determine your hair’s thickness, resilience and areas of growth.

Why Multiple Treatments? 

Laser hair removal technology is only able to destroy hair in the active hair growth cycle phase (Anagen). What does this mean? Simply put, there are three hair growth cycles in which your hair is constantly transitioning through:

Catagen-the dormant phase
Anagen-the active or growth phase and the
Telogen-fall-out phase

All laser hair removal technology are only able to treat the Anagen phase, the actively growing hair. This is the reason that several sessions are necessary to achieve the hair removal results you are looking for. Different parts of the body have varying growth cycles, and therefore require being treated at different intervals.

This is why your free Body Envy Houston consultation includes a detailed explanation tailored towards your specific treatments and services. We apply all this information and knowledge and combine it with leading technology in order to give you safe and effective laser hair removal treatments and achieve your desired laser hair removal results.


We use the most Advanced Laser technology on the market today for speed and reliability. There are several reasons we have chosen to take on the expense of this system for our clients.

One of our preferred technologies is the Luminis Lightshear. The Lightshear is proven technology clinically proven to de-activate hair follicles in their
growth phase. Our laser hair removal technology is FDA approved to be safe for all skin types, even for tanned skin.

The Lightshear has one of the largest treatment heads available. Few other systems can cover a larger surface area of the skin with one quick pulse.

The Lightshear has two cooling systems to maximize the reliability, control and comfort of each treatment.

First, a heat absorbing sapphire crystal contacts the skin. The sapphire crystal
protects the skin from becoming hot and uncomfortable. The crystal cools the
skin before, during and after the pulse of light.

Secondly, the Lightshear uses a proprietary system that acts like the radiator of a car to guarantee that the cooling contact area is always comfortable.

Laser hair removal is a growing trend in the beauty industry, and many users are having treatments on multiple areas. Laser hair removal works by vaporizing the hair with a special laser and may require several treatments for each area. Common laser hair removal areas are arms, back, bikini, chest, facial, legs, and underarms, and majority of users experience only mild to no pain. You should see some results immediately, and it’s important to stay away from direct sunlight both before and after treatment. Laser hair removal treatments are well worth the investment because they save you both time and money in the long run.

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