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Photofacials in Houston, TX

Our Advanced technology allows us to help you revitalize your entire body from the effects of the sun and life. Commonly referred to as IPL Photofacials, these laser skin rejuvenation treatments when used as facial treatments work as quick and powerful skin rejuvenation procedures:

  • Even out skin tone and skin discolorations
  • Remove age spots, sun spots, and pigmented lesions
  • Treat redness (sometimes referred to as rosacea), facial spider veins and freckles
Sun spots and age spots are a result of sun damage and sun overexposure. Although harmless, these color-containing pigmented cells never completely disappear.
Over time, as your skin gets thinner, these groupings of pigments become more visible. Our advanced Intense Pulse Light (IPL) system safely removes these spots and reveals the beauty beneath.

Your entire body can benefit from these multiple laser skin rejuvenation treatments that help correct present and future skin damage.
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Laser Genesis

A noninvasive, restorative treatment, designed to reduce wrinkles, large pores, and splotchy redness; all while improving the skin's texture and tone. This innovative therapy reaches deep into the Dermis layer of the skin, promoting a vibrant, healthy appearance.